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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Association

We are the next wave of entrepreneurs. EIA is a NYU student-run organization that inspires, educates, and builds support systems for student entrepreneurs. Most importantly, we strive to help students in getting their concepts and ideas into fully functional prototypes and working systems.

Host events to teach students what it means to run and work with startups

Host Hackathons at some of the most innovative and intellectually electric companies in the world, like Buzzfeed

Host and guide students through competitions that take seedling ideas and launch them to full blown startup status like Innovention and the Stern Challenge

We have curated our own teams, to help your team. No matter what challenge you face— whether shaping a story for a pitch, finding the right people to join your crew, or finding funding— we listen and respond in one-on-one coaching sessions so you can succeed faster and smarter

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